Wednesday, September 01, 2004

HI, "Everybody"! 

Its me, Tim! I'm back! Did you miss me?

I know I haven't posted much in a long time. I was distracted with my wife's colitis, and I really got heavily into reality television. But now the campaign is heating up, and I think it's time to start thinking about who I want to vote for. I'm sure there are differences between the Republicans and the Democrats, and I am eager to learn what they are. Stay tuned.

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Sunday, November 09, 2003

John Edwards 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It's a funny coincidence. I mentioned my wife's colitis, and it started acting up! I had to take her to our HMO's internist, Dr. Sawadi. He seems very nice, and he got things under control, so here's a big shout-out to you, doc! It just goes to show you can't hate people just because they are a Muslim. Actually, I'm not positive that he's a Muslim. On the day we went in, he was wearing a Paisley turban, whatever that means. I was too embarrassed to ask.

All right. John Edwards. This is another Democrat candidate for President. Here is his website. Got a photo, too, if he isn't too stingy to let me link to it:

Mr. Edwards is a Senator from North Carolina. What a beautiful state. They also have fantastic ham there. Not a good idea when you have colitis! But a great state to drive through.

Let's check out his positions.

He wants to fix the economy by creating jobs, so he plans to give a ten percent tax credit to companies that keep jobs in the U.S. Oh, boy, say good-bye to affordable Air Jordans! I am just kidding. The economy is more important than shoes.

He says he wants to do something or other with taxes to help the middle class, but I can't tell what it is. He needs to explain it better. Maybe you can figure it out.

He says corporate books should be honest. Hard to argue with that.

Oh, wait. I found more. Here's a quote.

John Edwards has proposed a Worker and Shareholder Bill of Rights to:

Take on insiders to restore honest accounting.
Rein in outrageous CEO pay.
Empower owners to hold managers accountable for results.
Restore pension parity to help regular workers.
Shut down tax gimmicks.

I wonder if the bill has the word "gimmicks" in it. That would be pretty funny.

He also has a plan to establish a Homeland Intelligence Agency to track down terrorists. That sounds like a great idea. And he wants to hire more INS workers and tighten up the borders, and he wants to help ships move more quickly in and out of our ports. Wait, that seems to go against the border tightening idea. Well, maybe someone can help me understand.

I know this will sound stupid, but the thing about Mr. Edwards that drives me crazy is his lower lip. It's really big, and it's always wet for some reason. When he talks, you almost wonder if saliva is going to drip off of it. I realize it's wrong to pick on people because of their appearance, but I had to mention it.

Okay, fire away.

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John Kerry Turns out to be Stingy 

Can you believe this? John Kerry is a Democrat, and they're supposed to be generous and loving. Well look what he did to my weblog. I linked to his photo on his site, and he apparently blocked it, because the picture is not showing up! Scroll down and see!

I think that's very hypocritical. His party is supposed to be about sharing the wealth, and as soon as he finds out someone is borrowing a little bandwidth, he pulls the plug. It makes you wonder if he would keep his promises once he got in office.

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Dick Gephardt 

The blog is going really well, although I am still getting a lot of insulting comments about my intelligence. Look, guys, not everyone went to college and has a bunch of degrees. I have a tree-cutting business. I never said I was a genius.

Okay, today I'm looking at Dick Gephardt. This guy has been running for a number of elections. Truthfully, I find him really boring. He is SO dull. He always seems like he's just going through the motions. I don't know how we are supposed to be convinced if he doesn't look convinced. He really puts me to sleep. He bores me so much I started to call him "Bob Gephardt" in this entry because I forgot his real name.

Dick Gephardt is a well-known Representative from the state of Iowa, known for corn. He has a website at http://www.dickgephardt2004.com/plugin/template/gephardt/Welcome/* It's a really mean website! What a turn off! Look at this quote:

"Nov. 2, 2003 - One year from today, Dick Gephardt will defeat George Bush and drive him from the White House. Because 2004 is a leap year, we are 366 days away from ending the Bush era of miserable failures."

Man, is that mean! Maybe you get cranky after losing a whole bunch of presidential elections. I don't know. But the other candidates aren't nearly that mean.

Here is his picture. He is in the back, obviously.

Like Dean, he goes for that short-haired conservative look.

He was in the National Guard. I guess he won't be making any announcements from aircraft carriers.

He may be mean, but check out the stuff he wants to give us!

1. Universal health care for all Americans. That would be great. I'm pretty healthy, but my wife has colitis. Nobody seemed interested when Hillary Clinton had the same idea, but maybe Mr. Gephardt knows something she doesn't. I want to be open-minded.

2. Universal pension plans. He wants to tie together private pension plans so you don't lose all your benefits when you get fired. Sweet. How come no one else thought of that? He doesn't say how he would do it, but I guess you can't afford to go into too much detail when you're paying for a website.

3. International minimum wage. Hold off, Dick, I don't know about that. I guess it would make foreign goods more expensive so we could make more things here, but I kind of like buying cheap stuff, don't you? Air Jordans were like $200 when they made them in sweatshops. Think what they would cost if Nike paid a decent wage.

4. "Don't privatize Social Security!" That's a quote! I like that idea. I think we can trust the government to handle our money better than some fly by night Wall Street outfit.

Mr. Gephardt seems to really hate George Bush. He says he's a "miserable failure." I don't know if he can win the election if he keeps taking that tone.

Okay, comment away.

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

John Kerry 

Here's another big candidate: John Kerry.

That picture is from his website. He looks older now. All but his forehead. That's weird.

John Kerry is a Senator. His website doesn't say which state he is a Senator for, which is pretty funny, but I checked, and it's Massachusetts. They need to fix that. His wife is Teresa Heinz, and if her name sounds familiar, it's because her late ex-husband was the heir to a ketchup fortune. She has a reputation for saying whatever is on her mind, and sometimes Mr. Kerry looks uncomfortable explaining what she said.

Mr. Heinz was the governor of Pennsylvania, and he was a Republican. What a change for Mrs. Heinz, who kept her late ex-husband's last name in her name.

John Kerry is a war hero. He fought in Vietnam. I prefer to stick to the issues, but I should point out that a lot of Democrats think this makes him more appealing than President Bush. They claim that during the war, President Bush just hung out in Texas, drinking beer! You will remember that he landed on an aircraft carrier a while back, and the Democrats were fit to be tied. Well, Mr. Kerry fought back by announcing his candidacy on a retired carrier used as a museum, so I guess he one-upped the President that time! He wasn't a pilot, though. Hmm.

Rush Limbaugh says Mr. Kerry is "French-looking." Have you heard him say that? It cracks me up. I'm not sure what it means.

Okay, the issues.

Mr. Kerry says Mr. Bush lost 3 million jobs. Here is something amazing: Mr. Kerry says he would replace ALL those jobs in the FIRST 500 DAYS OF HIS ADMINISTRATION! He doesn't even say he'll try. He says he'll DO IT. You have to like that kind of confidence.

He also wants to stop tax giveaways to the rich. I wonder what Mrs. Kerry thinks about that! He says he wants to close corporate tax loopholes, and he also wants to bring back manufacturing jobs by doing all he can to support industry. I don't know if those things go together, but that's what he says.

He was againt the $87-billion grant to Iraq, which some people say was just proof Bush wanted to help his oil buddies. Is it such a bad idea to make Iraq pay it back, with interest? It would be pretty cool to turn that mess around and actually make a profit on it.

I don't like to take positions, but I'll tell you something funny. Mr. Kerry's site says he has a clear plan for Iraq, but it doesn't say what it is. That's TWO things they need to fix.

Okay, tell me what you think of Mr. Kerry.

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I can't believe all the comments I got over the weekend! This is so cool!

People seem pretty angry because I am not sure slavery reparations are a bad thing. I was just throwing the idea out. It just seemed to me that it would be easy to pay. Rev. Sharpton wants to raise taxes on the rich, so most of us wouldn't even feel it. And African-Americans who are angry about slavery would finally feel like we had made up for it and would give us some peace. If we took half of the money Bill Gates isn't using, that would pay about 5% of it, and he would still have so much left, he wouldn't know what to do with it.

Don't get the idea that I'm endorsing Sharpton! It's way too early to pick a candidate or a party! And he may be too extreme.

Some commenters have noted that he has been accused of starting race riots, and he lost a lawsuit and says he won't pay. Obviously, before we could let him in the White House, we would have to see some evidence that he has changed.

Hillary Clinton is getting a lot of comments, and she isn't even a candidate. People seem upset about a lot of things that happened when her husband was President, and I can understand that, but I am not sure it's fair to blame her when she was just the First Lady. Didn't she say she wasn't involved in any of that stuff and that she didn't remember much of it? Maybe someone can refer me to a site where I can get more information. Of course, you have to wonder how many of the angry comments come from guys who just can't handle a modern woman.

Mr. Bush continues to do well, and he has a huge amount of money to campaign with. I read that Donna Brazile, who is a well-known expert on politics, said it was time for the less successful Democrat candidates to vamoose so the others could do a better job of fund-raising. I think they must be worried. Of course, Mr. Bush has to worry about Iraq. Every so often, one or two of our soldiers gets killed, and sometimes it seems like we're going to be there forever, and Mr. Bush hasn't been able to fix it. But the economy is doing well, so it looks like Iraq is his biggest problem, as long as he doesn't do himself in with those tax cuts for the rich.

By the way, I have been getting a lot of comments on my intelligence. I am not taking it personally. I think everyone should remember that some voters are just ordinary guys like me. I freely admit I'm not Albert Einstein, and if you are smarter than me, I will try to listen to what you have to say.

As for the people who think I'm joking, I don't get that at all. It seems like no one trusts anyone any more.

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Friday, October 31, 2003

Joe Lieberman 

Here's another candidate. Joe Lieberman:

Mr. Lieberman is a Senator, and as you must know, he was Al Gore's running mate in 2000. Mr. Lieberman is an orthodox Jew and he takes a lot of pride in his morals, although he doesn't seem to wear one of those small hats their religion calls for. He got in a lot of trouble with other Democrats for criticizing President Clinton back in the day.

Mr. Lieberman's website says he thinks the tax cuts are unfair, and that he wants to restructure them. Also, he is doing a series of TV ads called "On the Road With Joe." It's almost like reality TV! They should have Willie Nelson sing "On the Road Again" in the background. Although Willie Nelson probably isn't the best guy to have around when you're talking about taxes!

I like a candidate who works hard on his TV ads, because people don't have a tremendous amount of time for reading, and it helps to have it reduced to the essential points. I think it would be great if they could summarize their positions and put them on wallet-size cards we could take to the polls, but I'm no expert.

Pluses: strong morals, government experience, ran in earlier campaign. Negatives: public may be reluctant to support Jewish candidate.

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Al Sharpton 

Here's another candidate, although I admit he is not doing well. Al Sharpton:

Mr. Sharpton is a political outsider because he is actually a reverend. He would be considered by most to be politically liberal.

Mr. Sharpton has taken some controversial positions. For example, he supports giving every African-American $20000 in reparations for slavery. I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. How much is a human life worth? If he gets elected, taxes will probably be higher, so it shouldn't be too hard to pay for. This is a rich country, isn't it? And he also says something like a hundred million Africans drowned on the way to American in slave ships. That's incredible! Maybe if we pay the money, it will put an end once and for all to bad feeling between the races.

Some people have accused Mr. Sharpton of being anti-Semetic, but he himself is a member of a minority, so we ought to cut him some slack.

Pluses: first black President. Negatives: no political experience.

He has a pretty cool website at this link. I hope they won't mind me using his picture.

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More on the Candidates 

I'm really enjoying this "blogging" thing, although I have received a few really obnoxious comments. This is what it's like to be a swing voter. Other voters have their minds made up from the start, and they think the two big parties are way different. Swing voters look at the candidate and the issues, not the party, and we take our time. So we get criticized.

I was going to add one more candidate for consideration. Senator Hillary Clinton:

Of course, she is the wife of former President William Clinton. I think you will agree that she is very pretty.

People criticize her a lot because she was accused of a lot of crooked behavior in the past, but she has some strong arguments in her defense. For one thing, she says the press is controlled by the right wing. I suppose there is some truth to that. It's run by big corporations for profit. And it seems like whenever you turn on the radio, it's some Republican yelling at the Democrats.

She also says people hate her because she's a strong woman. If you watch the news and movies, you know women have a lot of discrimination, so maybe she has a point.

Mrs. Rodham Clinton says she isn't running, but some people think she is waiting until she has so much support they practically beg her to run, so I put her picture here. Pluses: White House experience, former Senator. Negatives: short time in politics.

Tell me what you think. It would be cool to see a woman finally in the White House.

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Bush and the Economy 

Okay, I got the blogroll set up, and I found a few political sites to link to. I hope they don't mind. Barbra Streisand has a lot of interesting opinions for a singer. It's great how people in this country can voice their opinion no matter what they do for a living.

Yesterday, a report came out saying the economy was growing really, really fast. This is interesting because up until now, under President Bush, things have been pretty bad. Unemployment is high and the stock market crashed. Things were pretty good under Bill Clinton. I made a lot of money on Sun Microsystems. I just wish I had sold it before it went back down!

And also 9/11 didn't happen until Bush took office. Nothing like that happened in the Clinton years. Maybe if we had voted for Gore, it would not have happened. Will something like that happen again if Bush gets reelected? Something to think about.

What would Dean do? They don't even have terrorism in Vermont (sorry I said Maine before--I was in a rush). I'll say this for Clark. He knows about fighting.

What do you think?

I already got one comment, but it was pretty nasty. I hope the rest of you are more interested in serious discussion.

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This blog is devoted to Election 2004! Like many people, I am a swing voter who does not vote mindlessly for anyone belonging to my party, which is "independent." People like me know that it can be hard to tell the difference between the parties' stands on the issues, so we want to be careful and make sure we have made good choices.

This is George Bush. He is our President:

Mr. Bush seems like a decent guy, although he got us into that war in Iraq and has not found any weapons. He hates high taxes, although how are we going to keep the deficit down without them? His brother is a governor. Some people say that is too much power for one family.

This is Howard Dean. He was the governor of Maine:

Mr. Dean is often called "liberal," but as you can see, he wears his hair short and wears suits and ties. He often appears with union workers, so he clearly supports big business. I don't know how you can call him liberal, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. He sometimes seems very angry. Is that the image we want to project to the world?

This is Wesley Clark. He is a general who retired:

Mr. Clark had four stars, which is very impressive. He was first in his class at West Point, so he must be really smart. According to the news, George Bush is not very smart, so this is something to think about.

Tell me what you think of these guys. Right now, they are the three candidates who do best in the polls. I really can't see any big differences that would make me vote for one or the other. If you have good comments, I will quote them.

If you have a political website and want a link, I will put you on the blogroll which I will create later.

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